Coffeehouse Politics: Roundtable on Political Demography and its role in Spurring Radicalization and Instability

Thursday, April 20, 2023
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM (ET)
RSU Council Chambers
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Political Science

All are welcome to join the Democratic Governance and Leadership Program's final Coffeehouse Politics of the semester. 

                                                                   Thursday, April 20

12:30–1:45 PM

in RSU 201, Council Chambers

Lunch will be served

(Suggested readings for the discussion are listed below) 

Thematic Summary:

“What happens to a country when its core national identity – its preferred image of itself in terms of race or religion – doesn’t match its demographic reality?” This is one of the questions posed by Monica Duffy Toft as part of her research on the impact of political demography. The answer is far from a positive one. In the U.S. current events have highlighted the frightening, sometimes deadly ways in which shifts in political demography have spurred political resentments, violent radicalization, racism, and have emboldened white supremacy amongst both individual citizens and institutions. 

This roundtable discussion will focus on the impact of political demography on the erosion of U.S. and international democratic institutions and norms, and what can be done to counter white supremacy and violence, especially as the dangerous “great replacement” theory gains more followers in the U.S. and abroad. 

Speaker Details: 

Dr. Monica Duffy Toft, Professor of International Politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University, Director of the Center for Strategic Studies (CSS).

All members of the BSU community are invited to attend, and faculty members are encouraged to bring their classes. We plan to have plenty of opportunity for members of the audience to ask questions and provide their thoughts on these issues, and students are especially encouraged to participate.

List of Suggested Readings by Speaker:

Political Demography by Monica Duffy Toft

Demography and War: Wilson Center, Monica Toft 

Identicide: How demographic shifts can rip a country apart, Monica Toft The Conversation 

White right? How demographics is changing US politics, Monica Toft, The Conversation 

For the United States to Avoid a Soviet-Style Collapse, Inclusivity Must Begin Now by Monica Toft, Foreign Policy

Wombfare: The Religious Basis of Fertility Politics | Harvard Kennedy School

Other Readings:

Replacement Theory, a Fringe Belief Fueled Online, Is Refashioned by G.O.P. - NYT


Where the Buffalo Gunman and the Anti-Abortion Fringe Meet | Time

Nearly half of Republicans agree with ‘great replacement theory’ - The Washington Post

How “replacement theory” inspires white supremacist violence - Vox

'Great replacement theory' and its deep roots in America | On Point (

 We look forward to seeing you at this event. 

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